Xperia 7.7

“Is there another way out?”, Alasdair asked. His voice seemed calm, but the more the attackers struck the door the tighter his grip on the hilt of his sword. Arellia loosely wrapped the dress around her body. It covered the vital parts and that’s what mattered. She scrambled up and ran to an end corner. There was a small ridge bearly noticeable in the wall, that she dug her fingernails in, clicked and pulled back. Revealing a hidden door.
“Quickly, Cora Laura”, she stepped inside, followed by the others. Alasdair was the last to come through.
“How do I close it?”, he asked.
“There’s a switch beside your head flick it up”, Arellia replied.
They were consumed in utter darkness. The kind of blackness one would expect to find in death. The passage sloped down, down, and down until they came to a hidden room.
The room had multiple doors, which when checked were bedrooms. There was a kitchen and a bathroom.
“How many people know about this?”, Alasdair asked. He checked behind them every other minute. Suspicious of the quietness.
“Shh!”, Arellia hissed. She pointed up above them towards the low ceiling. They were directly underneath the meeting hall. “We’ll need to keep our voices quiet”.
“Is there a way out of here?” he whispered.
“Yes, but if they think we left the castle, than it is safe to assume they will search the rest of the city, it might be wise to remain here until they stop searching for us”, she replied.
A door above them swung open and smashed against the wall. They couldn’t see passed the stone floor, but they could hear everything.
“How could they have gotten away?”, Jeremy hissed.
“We have the city, they won’t get far”, Moyra’s voice chilled Arellia to the bones. Her eyes shot to Alasdair who looked just as confused.
“This was not supposed to happen, when those creatures start closing in the rejected son is to be King”, Jeremy complained. He sounded like a pouty child, rather than the general Arellia had assigned him to be.
“Forget her, she was weak, you have me now, you and I can be king and queen”, the two of them began kissing. The wet sounds of lips sucking and sliding over the other made the room cringe. Laura guided Cora to one of the rooms and very gently locked the door behind her as to not make a sound. The was a shuffle, before other sounds could be heard. Moyra let out a moan and a rhythmic thumping against the meeting table spoke volumes. Then Moyra did something that had Alasdair rushed to Arellia and clamp his hands over her ears. She began chanting his name.
“Dirty bitch, thinking of another man with my cock deep inside you”, Jeremy picked up the pace. They couldn’t take anymore they fled to one of the rooms. The noise wasn’t gone, but it had been dulled at least.