Short Story Idea 1

Light flicked on automatically. It was an abrupt shock even behind the lids. My eyes opened to all white walls and white bedding. There are other people lined up in beds along the wall. They groan and shuffle around in the beds. They pull the covers over their heads, and stuff their faces into pillows.

A long, false nailed hand scratches down my arm. I look down at the lady lying next to me. She is amazing, she is talented, and she is intelligent. But… what is this little shadow hanging over my back. Its long talon hooks around my chest and stabs at my chest. I need to get away… I pull away from the bed, throw on a pair of pants and head out.

The air is fresh, and the sun is bright. The shadow has unhooked from my chest, but it clings to my back. I can’t shake the feeling. What is this feeling? Everyone starts filtering out. Their drinks are ready as they come through. Some head to the pool, and some head to the bean bags. Then she comes out. And the claw lodges into me again. What is this feeling? I can’t breathe.

She comes over for a kiss. Quick kiss and my heart chills my veins.