Xperia 7.6

Arellia heard Laura’s footsteps before she saw her smash through the doors of her bedroom.
“You need to hurry”, she rushed towards the bed scooping up the stray Silks from the other day. She threw them Arellia, and a rolling over Alasdair.
“What’s happening?”, Arellia pulled her clothes around her. She couldn’t get the garment on properly by herself.
“You need to take Cora and leave”, Laura snapped her fingers and the child came rushing in. As she opened the doors a cacophony of screams enveloped the room until she closed the doors again.
The silence was deafening. Arellia couldn’t bring herself to speak. Cora bolted the door shut. It was Alasdair who spoke next.
“You make it sound like you’re not coming with us”, he said.
“No, I will only slow you down, I will remain here and slow THEM down instead”, she replied. Cora whined and hugged into Laura’s legs. Alasdair dressed himself, and looked as much the loyal guardian. He buckled his sword to his hip.
“Don’t be ridiculous, we’re not just going to leave you behind”, he argued. He was about to unbolt the door when something crashed into it on the other side. “Shit, whatever this is has reached the door”.
“Jeremy suddenly turned after he heard my lady was to remain undisturbed, he has that young lady from the woods with him”, Laura shook her head. “It appears we were too trusting of the young general”. Arellia felt sick to her stomach.