Book 3 2019

The Binding – Bridget Collins

This was a good read though I had some difficulties liking the characters.

All the scenes were written very clearly and very detailed. There was also a lot of foreshadowing which made it easy to predict what the big reveal was.

This story is a romance. A little bit of a coming of age story too?

The author explores the divide between rich and poor. The ignorance of superstition and lack of knowledge.

The description of this book only talks about one character Emmet Farmer. But I would disagree with anyone who said that he is the main character. He starts the story, but really it is about two boys, Emmet and Lucian. Both with completely different backgrounds, and they both find themselves in a situation forced upon them by others.

I did enjoy this book, it was a nice read. However, without giving too much away on story line I felt a little unsatisfied in the end. Characters that I think should have received some form of punishment for their actions didn’t. And it just didn’t feel closed. The story just ended. The romance was restored, and a character learned about himself. But there were definitely no heroes. There was an attempt in the middle I suppose. But all of the characters came across too cowardly or selfish for there to be any real punishing retribution.

So, it is a good read, I did enjoy it, but I wish there was more of an ending finale to it.