Xperia 7.5

I haven’t worked on this story for a while. Again it isn’t a masterpiece just when I have five minutes I wrote something.

This part I found on my phone. It had been there for a while I just didn’t post it. So… Here goes…


The sun was rising. The sky was layered in orange and blues. The strong rays glared in through the window of Arellia’s room. The light brought Arellia out of her sleep.
She rolled over onto her back. Memories of the night of clumsy magic swam through her mind. She sighed and closed her eyes. The spell began it’s chant all over again.
Alasdair carried her to the bed. They locked lips while he helped her remove her clothes. He helped her forget her small self-esteem while she was fully exposed to him.
The way his fingers explored her body. His hands would squeeze at the same time as a moan would rumble from his throat. Her own moans would hum from her throat as she’d bite her lower lip in ecstasy. His mouth sucking on her skin down her neck to her breasts. His tongue swirling around her nipples. Her back arched so that her chest lifted and he could have better access to her. He lined himself up with her opening. Sweat coating their flesh until they were slick against each other. He thrust quick and hard inside of her. Her nails ripped through the skin on his back. His muscles rippled with each thrust. He moved inside her until both of them erupted into an overwhelming spasm of pleasure.
Her eyes opened again. There was something absent beside her. She turned, stretching out an arm which found nothing but more empty bed. Where was Alasdair? Arellia pulled the quilt from his spot. His warmth lingered on the sheet so he hadn’t left that long ago. She sat up and looked around the room. Nothing looked different but she expected there would be something.
The door to her bathroom opened. Alasdair, his amazingly toned body was half covered in a towel. His chest still wet from washing. He was the manifestation of sexy with strong legs. Arellia let her mind slip back to what they had done that night and felt her body shudder to heat.
He looked at her. Smiled then dripped towards his clothes on the floor. When he turned to sit on his side of the bed, Arellia couldn’t avoid the slight prick of disappoint cloud her lust. Though she had a good view of his back muscles.
” How are you feeling?”, he asked over his shoulder. The question briefly made her consider a mental check on herself. ‘Any sore spots? No, clear’. Then she returned to admiring the man buffet in front of her. Since she didn’t answer him, Alasdair twisted towards her. She seemed lost in a world of her own staring at him that when he reached a hand out to touch her cheek she flinch. Her eyes widened and her cheeks flushed red.
“Yes, I’m fine, thank you”, she tucked her chin to her chest trying to hide her face. Alasdair caught her chin with his hand and lifted her face.
“If you wanted more, all you had to do was ask”, his voice was low. He leaned in to her and took her lips in a soft kiss. He climbed the bed, his towel falling away from his body, and lay himself on her. Her legs naturally fell apart around him.
“Please I need more”, she whispered against his lips. A growl rumbled through him. He yanked the quilt from between them and they made love again, and again. Lost for a whole day in just each other.