Poetry 7.0

Tiny pinch; feel the needle glide flush inside,

poke, pinch, hey! are you listening!?

you are clay shape yourself, spin spin spin,

Oh, that’s not right – wait – let’s just put this here.

Breathe in paper ash, breathe out soul smoke,

inhale, no air, hey! why aren’t you doing this!?

you are a blank canvas, brush brush brush,

hang on, that’s no good – no stop – let’s just fix this here.


“I’m sorry” – “We’re sorry” – “But your child”, “your partner” – ….

Wait a minute – wait just a minute!

Question 1 – Did they hurt someone?

Question 2 – Did they kill someone?

… “no”…

Then they’re perfect.


*This isn’t about drugs, I don’t take them, I just used the imagery to mean something else incase people started thinking*