Wellness Trial

For a long time now I haven’t really been looking after myself very well. I haven’t been eating right. Exercise has been sporadic at best. And sleep, I go more times lacking sleep than I do getting a decent amount of sleep.

This ^ is something that everyone is probably experiencing. And this isn’t a woe is me kind of post. Just saying these things all together are just not good.

I’ve submitted my re-submission for uni. Woo! Finally. The business is sort of at a point in which I can give myself a little bit of time to sort myself out with either a routine or something to create balance.

So, what I have decided to do is my own self care comes first. I’m going to sleep between eight to nine hours a night. I’m going to eat better – fruit, veg, pasta, meat. Forget fucking takeaways, and no more chocolate! I’m actually fed up of chocolate … which is weird for me. But I think that is because I am fed up with my current body shape.

Today is day one! Starting off well with an apple. Just need to keep eating well, drink only water, and then sleep a decent amount of time.

It is time to put me first. Just like we all do at some point in our lives.