Locked out.

I’m an imbecile.

A couple of days ago I was locked out…

I don’t know why but I went on a dog walk without my purse, phone, or keys…

Can you imagine my horror when I returned from that walk and my brothers car was gone. I got to the front door and it was locked. Well shit.

I had a couple of options I tried out. There was a key lock thing but I didn’t know the code to that. There was a friend that lived close by but as I left the driveway I literally witnessed him drive away somewhere.

Then there were only two options left.

  • 1 – sit on the doorstep and wait for someone to come home. Well there is an issue with this plan. My brother works long hours, and since he left after 6pm then he wasn’t coming back until morning the next day. I don’t think it was a good idea to wait on that step with my dogs until then.
  • 2 – I could walk to my boyfriends mother’s house where I know my boyfriend will be in and he has a spare key to the house. But that walk was 12 miles long and it was probably closer to 7pm than it was 6pm so it was going to get dark.

I went for option 2. So me and the dogs walked. It took a really long time, my feet were aching. The wind was blowing but the cold literally couldn’t touch me. And the sky couldn’t even give me the luxury of a scenic orange, red, pink sunset. The sky went from grey, to darker grey, to dark. Not like the route itself was very scenic either. Concrete, that led to more concrete. The only time I would do a long walk like that again is in the Lake district. The street lights started to light up halfway through the walk so I wasn’t beating the light any time soon.

By the time I arrived at my boyfriends house it was after 10pm at night. The poor dogs glugged down three tubs of water completely dry. My boyfriend was working so we couldn’t return to the house until 5am. But the dogs didn’t move once we stopped if my feet were sore, I could only imagine they were probably paw sore.

My legs today are so sore and stiff I can just about move around. And the backs of my knees are killing me.

So, lesson learned never leave keys or phone behind… Yes, I’m an imbecile.