Me right now.

This is me… Right now.

The words need to be adjusted but here is how I would put it.

“I swear, If I hadn’t promised to love you for the rest of my life that I wouldn’t kill you… I would KILL you”.

And change molt to these two little shits.

Let me explain why.

5:00am this morning, I was awoken by a horrendously early alarm because I forgot to change the time to a more reasonable hour from yesterday.

Usually, I can fall back to sleep really easily but this time my body just felt alive (I’m very disappointed about this) so I got up. I went downstairs because my dogs are down here it’d be nice to see them before I had to dress and walk them… Oh wow I was mistaken…

We are currently staying in my boyfriends mother’s house, as she so nicely let us stay here for a week while her and her own was away for a holiday (Which I hope you’re enjoying! If you ever read this I’m so sorry…)

So you can imagine my face when I open the living room door, flick on the light and what greets me – strings of knitting wool (I think) everywhere, a black bin bag ripped open (Clearly where the wool was hiding) and beads because they couldn’t just leave a small bag of beads unmauled no. That would have been too nice.

Upon seeing this my only thoughts were… Oooooh I want to kill you. I’ve just spent the last hour rolling up knitting materials, searching and recovering any stray bead, and binning scraps of what remains of the black bin bag they were in. And it’s now just turned 6:00am.

I don’t really want to take this as a sign as to how the rest of my day is going to go. They’ve been good all week except for now… Spontaneous mischief.

I can’t even shout at them at this point because they wouldn’t understand what I was screaming about. And I have an injured boyfriend upstairs who is having a well deserved full night’s sleep for once.

Good morning world.