Book 1 2019

Since it is the new year I am going to start it off with a book I finished some time before Christmas. It is a well received book, and after it released its own film its popularity only grew.

The book is called ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ by Kevin Kwan.

I enjoyed reading this book, although most… or maybe even only half the time I wanted to physically kill a couple of characters.

I picked up this book on the basis of the film, or at the time the upcoming film. I had seen the trailer and it intrigued me. I like romances, I am a love story nut, if you give me a really poor story but it has a great romance in the middle I may forgive it. So, I ordered the series from Waterstones. I weirdly was not disappointed by it.

There was a false love affair. There were intricate old family feuds that are more lethal than grudges. And there is a clear divide between older and younger generations. And there is also an unnerving divide between poor, rich, and uncanny rich.

As for romance, the main characters; Rachel and Nick are already established as a couple. The love already ignited. So in the beginning that is pretty basic they are travelling together to meet his family. Actually the biggest interest I found was with the side character. Nick’s cousin Astrid. She is a cool, sophisticated, and mature woman. Which only changes once at the end of the book. But her turmoil strikes early on, and we live through her struggles with how to cope with her current situation.

A compliment to Keven Kwan – He can create dislikeable characters.

Nick’s mother and her little entourage are just horrible people that don’t deserve the wealth they have. The luxury lives they were born into apparently gives them rights to look down on people who have worked their whole lives for the simpler luxuries in their own lives.

Some of the children of these stuck up snobs were literally like pretentious spoiled toddlers. They would skit each other, behind their backs, then were the best of friends. They would purposely manipulate others to get their own way.

But only some.

Nick was painfully naΓ―ve. Almost completely oblivious. But he does step up when things go sour.

The author did something I haven’t seen in other books. He would slip into another point of view constantly between paragraphs on the same page. He kept it clear so as a reader it remained clear as to who it was you slipped into the narrative of. But if you weren’t concentrating properly you would lose focus and get confused. So, it would require you to focus on what is being said.

Overall, it was a good read, I enjoyed it. And just as a little spoiler, the mean ones do get their comeuppance in the end. Thankfully.