Xperia 7.3

Like two carefree teens they snuck back inside from the balcony. Both their lips swollen from the long spells of kissing. They didn’t speak a word to each other. They didn’t have to.
They crept through the corridors, Arellia slipping out of her shoes and padding around barefoot. They had managed to avoid detection all the way up to her main chamber. Which had her fighting a giggle as she locked the door.
Giddiness overwhelmed them. Cheeks aching from smiles that had spread so wide and were automatic when they imagined what would happen next.
Alasdair sat patiently on the edge of her bed. He had removed his extras – sword, belts, boots, and any other layers – a white loose shirt hung from his squared shoulders, untucked at his waist band.
Arellia could see him admiring her while she was still at the door. She thought about the dress she was wearing. It was beautiful. And looked beautiful on her… Would he rip it? Or could she be unabashed enough to strip gradually as she slowly moved towards him? Her thoughts then panicked to the image of her body and she hesitated. He was so handsome…
“Don’t do that”, his voice was low, rough even. But the words were not harsh. She didn’t feel scolded – just obvious. He got up from his place and without a moments thought he approached, wrapped her arms around his neck, then scooped her up. He wrapped each leg around each side of his waist. His hands moving to cup her arse. He carried her to the bed.