Xperia 7.2

A week after the hospital, Arellia watched Alisdair leave the hospital and not come back. In that week she had commissioned Jeremy to raise an army, and builders to re-enforce the wall.
The threat they had thought was gone, was thriving beyond the borders. She couldn’t risk not being prepared if the crevice closed. Or… If they could fly. She stepped out onto one of the balconies of her home and looked out at the sky.
“Please, do not have creatures that can fly…”.
The glass doors opened behind her and Alisdair walked in. He closed the doors behind him then turned to her.
With a deep breath he stomped his way towards her. She opened her mouth to speak. What did he want? She didn’t have to wonder long. He lifted his hands, cupped her face, and crushed his lips to hers.
The force of his approached pushed their bodies into the balcony railing. Arellia felt her whole world spin. Heat surged through her body until everything seemed to tingle.
He pulled away from her and every cell in her being craved for him to return. Her hands travelled up between his elbows, snatched at his clothes around his chest and pulled him into her.
Their hungry kiss synced, they found each others’ balance, their arms wrapped around one another until they were as close as they could physically get.
They finally paused. Their breathing laboured. Their eyes locked. Arellia watched him scrunch his eyes closed. He pressed his forehead against hers and with a deep breath.
“I love you”, his words stopped her breath. He bit his lip then looked into her eyes like he was frightened. Before she could catch her breath he added. “You were never just a job, she was just a friend”.
“I love you too”, her voice was breathy and it made him smile. The doors behind him rattled. Then someone knocked.
“Your highness, Jeremy is here to see you”, it was Cora.
“He can wait”, she called over Alasdair’s shoulder. He laughed and they kissed again. Enjoying the moment.