Xperia 7.1

“It’s going to hurt for a little while, and I’m going to advise you not to lift your arm for twenty four hours”, Maaria said, as she bound Arellia’s arm to her body. “You’ll probably ignore me, but rest, your body is showing massive strains of stress”. Arellia felt as though she was being scolded like when she was a child. Maaria was about to say more when Alisdair entered the room. He looked well, his body recovered, but he didn’t give her any signs that they were about to have a pleasant conversation. “Excuse me”, Maaria bowed, then left giving him a quick nod. What was that?
The two of them were left in silence. Arellia wasn’t sure what she was going to say, nevermind how to begin. She felt his eyes, unmoving, while she sat on the bed. She couldn’t bring herself to meet his eyes. They stayed in silence for what felt like a really time before Alisdair spoke.
“You should have been the one to stay”, he started. He sounded angry. Arellia wouldn’t blame him if he was. “Why did you leave?”.
“I need to talk to the general, I’ve made a mistake”, she avoid him. Her mind desperate not to think about that day.
“Why are you avoiding me?”, he stepped towards her. His approach made her stiffen.
“I’m not, I just want to talk to Jeremy”, she tried to stifle the wobble fighting for control of her voice. Alasdair twitched into a frown.
“Why did you leave?”, his voice deepened.
“I can’t answer that, find Jeremy, I need to tell them and we need to prepare”, she resisted. His body was over her so quick that the force of her falling back against the bed made her bounce.
“Why did you leave!?”, he snarled. His hands gripped the bed on either side of her. His face inches away from her face. The intensity in his scream made her flinch and a desperate need to escape his gaze consumed the control of her mouth.
“What was I supposed to do!? She was clearly the girl you loved in the forest! You can’t just stop seeing her because of a job!”, she shouted all of her thoughts.