Reading 1

I haven’t been reading lately. Just because I have been so busy that by the time I sat down at the end of the day, the exhaustion that would be sitting and waiting for me, would finally attack.

So, this time I have taken time today. It is literally just one chapter. But it has been nice to just sit down and read words off a page.

I tried to blur out the words to some extent just so I don’t violate copyright laws.

The book I’m reading currently is Gill Paul’s ‘The Secret Wife’.

It is a very enjoyable read.

Dual narrative, running alongside dual time lines. The writing is always clear. Now almost halfway through there is some foreshadowing I think. My suspicions of how this story ends is getting dark. However, I keep having to remind myself that I might not be right. Reading even just one chapter makes me want to know what happens. I will say I am more invested in one character than another. But I’ll let you read it to find out which one yourselves.