Self – Improvement challenge pause.

Well whoops…

I went to see the sports therapist today.

My injury has stemmed from a very long standing old injury. That doesn’t make a lot of sense so I’ll explain.

Five years ago I injured myself when I stupidly decided to try skating with one of my dogs and ended up throwing myself onto grass. Ever since then my leg is not the same.

After that my leg would pop with every step. It was so painful I would have to just stand there and breathe as my body adjusted again.

I ignored it for a long time.

Then I started pole fitness and with the exercise and stretching the constant popping stopped. My groin clicked on occasion and besides the fact that my middle splits just didn’t progress anywhere.

Anyway obviously with the training I have been pushing myself with, then add on the strain of the weekend convention and my quad which was compensating these last five years for that injury couldn’t hold on any longer.

So, to fix this injury I finally went to the sports therapist. The main reason is that now it is really painful to lift my leg and press down on the klutch of my car when driving. (To any police don’t worry I can still drive). Also I have aims, so this injury needs to go!

So, the sports therapist has told me that stretches involving the inner thighs is a no go. I have to avoid anything with a straddle. Which is difficult in Pole Fitness is kind of difficult to avoid.

So, I’ve decided that my challenge to self improve myself is going to be put on hold for now until this leg gets better.

However, instead I am going to make better on my eating habits.