Day 2 – yoga + Off the pole

This should have been posted last night but my body is in agony. I was training with a couple of my colleagues and the injury in my leg has inflamed and it’s now difficult to lift my leg.

However, last night I did another yoga video KinoYoga video –

And it near killed me. Pigeon pose was painful. And training to keep my mind clear while lying on my back with my legs held straight up in the air.

Obviously this isn’t because these videos aren’t any good, but my body currently very damaged. Yes before anyone asks I have phoned a sports therapist he is seeing me on Monday.

But again KinoYoga is brilliant, she was very detailed and very clear in her instructions. I highly recommend her YouTube channel. If you can afford it, she does many online programs on something called omstar.

Another thing I did yesterday was some off the pole workouts before my training session.

Off the pole is a brand and program owned and run by a pole celebrity called Sarah Scott. She is amazing. But she offers these programs to enable us to keep our bodies healthy to pole train more.

Since I can’t always just train on the pole for hours and hours on end this is a way for me to train my body and keep me in a shape that will be able to keep pole training.

I didn’t feel so bad after twenty glute focus Hip extensions. And my injury didn’t flare until after the training I did on Hoop. This also does mean that I won’t see any results until later on.

But it is a really program, she goes through bad form, how many reps, what sort of progression you should be ideally looking at.

There will be another post tonight as this should have been posted last night. (whoops) What have I done today?