Small rant… Stop judging Disney princesses.

I don’t do this… But I’m going to do it now because I am starting to think people are clearly watching different movies.

I’ve literally no more than a second ago read an article about how Kiera Knightly has banned Cinderella for her daughter…

And the reason – it sends the wrong message to young girls – Cinderella waits for a man to save her? And she said quoting from this article “Don’t do that! Save yourself”.

Can I just start with has she been watching the same film as me? And if so are we sure? Is she blind? Does she really have a leg to stand on? I mean, come on, not to sound horrible but I have seen her films, wrong message to children she is incredibly skinny. Like not slim. Skinny. And she is counted as a role model of beauty.

But that is not part of my rant. So, I’ll move on.

Cinderella is about a woman who dreams of a better life than what she is currently stuck with. The BIG defining message is hold on to your dreams don’t let them go no matter how impossible they seem. Yes, her dream, as an example is fairly simple. But in those times women didn’t really have the rights to many things. Actually women’s rights are still a relatively new thing. That holdes for around the world. CAN I ALSO POINT OUT! she is not saved by the man she is saved by the god-mother? Just because she happens to meet the Prince and he is relatively useless to what happens to the story. Cinderella is a woman in a bad situation that dreams of a better life. The message always hold on to those dreams even if they seem impossible!

That is a good message. Especially for a lot of children in this day and age. So, for godsake all you Disney princess haters, get off your idiocy and women power high horse for one second please and actually look at the picture!

Kiera Knightly, not that you’ll ever read this but you’re not the only princess judging imbecile. Emma Watson is a good example who turned down the role of Cinderella because of roughly the same reason. And refused to wear a corset in that butchery of the beauty and the beast film – even though! Back in that time it was part of the fashion! And women now in the modern world enjoy wearing them! So, all you’ve done is massively insult the group that like corsets!

THANK YOU – Rant over.