Day 1 – Beginners Yoga

I’m a little late starting this. But I don’t care I am starting it now.

After training, or after I have instructed a class my body feels very tight. Most specifically my back. The obvious reason why is because I do not stretch enough. My flexibility is shockingly bad for someone who has done aerial for three years.

The worst part about this is that I have regressed since my last stretch photo was taken. I haven’t taken one today. I won’t take one of me yet because I have an injury I need to have seen to first. But, because I am poor, I stopped attending the stretch and Flex Classes that the pole and aerial business I work for offers, which means my flexibility has just grown worse.

So, today after training for roughly an hour. I decided to do some yoga. This will be something that I will add to my day, and make it a daily thing. However, because I am poor I can’t go to a official class. Instead I am following an amazing yogi called KinoYoga on YouTube. (On most, if not all social media as well).

This is the video I have followed on YouTube. She is amazing. Constant key points for the positions in things that you want your body to focus on. Like pointed feet or flexed feet, or what muscle should be engaged, or relaxed. Which is good since I can’t have an instructor present with me when I practise.

Of course, she is a spiritual yogi as well. This part I am not really all the interested in. That isn’t a criticism, just a point for anyone wanting to try out her videos that sometimes when you’re in a pose, and your body is screaming “RELEASE ME” she does start talking about letting spirituality set you free.

I started on video one, and I have to say I’m not feeling that after training tightness anymore around my back area. I do feel oddly better for the yoga session. Right now I can’t test if there has been any improvement as the body just doesn’t work that way. I’m not expecting miracles. But I do think that this is going to help in my progression towards my flexibility goals anyway.

KinoYoga for anyone interested. She is on Facebook, and Instagram. Her videos on YouTube are really helpful, and for someone like me (Every penny saved is a god send) who can’t afford to go to a class in a studio, is well worth giving it a try.