Beginning of Self-improvement.

Aims :-


– To eventually publish something!

– To read more regularly

Pole Fitness

– Improve my flexibility

– Improve my dynamic movement

– Compete and perform at more shows.


– Help Bandits clicky knees

– Find out what Lunas bold spot is.

OK, some of you may remember I posted a while ago about a 365 day challenge for myself? It doesn’t really matter if you don’t, it wasn’t a great post anyway.

But I have decided to adjust this challenge to myself. A saying that the juice plus company use – one simple change – got me thinking.

I have aims and goals to work towards and because I haven’t really been all that focused at the moment due the rest of me being a completely unorganised mess.

So my new method in my ever continuing madness. Everyday for the next 365 days. I am going to add something everyday and then try and continue to do it and see the changes…

Obviously some things can’t be easily measured, so I still need to work some of that out. But I will be taking a picture everyday and posting every day.

I am a bit of a psycho that gets frustrated when something interrupts things that I planned on doing at specific times in the day. With hope because I have promised myself a daily update that I will keep up with everything I want to do working around unpredictable interruptions.

In the morning it commences.