Xperia 6.9

The walk wasn’t as graceful as Arellia normally felt. Her skirts were no longer just hem deep in mud there were rips and mud splatters up the bodice from the amount of times she had lost her footing. Grazes at the bottom of her palms, and grass stains were her knees land. Even a tree had decided to make her adventure less glamorous by dropping a leaf into her eye.
She didn’t cry out when the dried crisp whacked her in the eye. She just sighed, and held a hand to her face trying to blink out whatever it had left in there.
She had paranoid visions of insects crawling out and prayed that it was just illusions of an over-active imagination.
She trudged on, feeling foolish to have come out into the forest by herself on purpose. If she was to go back now, without anything to show for it, what would everyone think? Would they care?
A snap shot through the heavy silence.
It made her heart sink to her stomach. She held her surprise in a gasp. Night had clawed over head so she couldn’t see much in the distance. Shadows from the moon were her only source of light. And she couldn’t sense any movements.
She let her heart calm before carrying on her way. Sensitive to suspicion, her ears tried to listen out for any sound. But the less she found the more she could only hear her heart beat increase.
She hadn’t noticed that she had stopped walking. There was no movement around her, no sounds, nothing seemed alive except for her…
A cold shiver crawled down her back.
It set her off into a run. Dashing further into the forest. She kept running until she saw a clearing. She held a hand out to the last tree. Skin made contact with bark and she stopped to look out. Almost like the frightening lifeless forest was her shelter. From the edge of the cliff that she was staring at.