Xperia 6.8

Arellia headed out towards the wall. It had been a few days since her announcement, and since then progress has been made. The residents no longer have homeless begging on their streets, and the farming lands have their land back. The economy was thriving, and the scientists seemed busier than ever. But in those four days she hadn’t slept a wink. The dark shadows under her eyes made her look sickly.
It was the evening the sun had dwindled down so only the deep orange and yellow hue lit the sky. She had entrusted charge of the Palace and city to Laura for while she was away.
She made her way quietly through the streets until she found one of the exits to the outside.
She had only told Laura that she was going. She had to know why that shadow was there, and why did they used to throw criminals out here. It looked peaceful except for that shadow.
The inside of the small cubicle reminded her of when those men had thrown her out of the city. It still frightened her a little. But she kept it in and stepped through the exit.
There was a soft breeze which cooled her face. And the trees were eerily silent. But no shadow in sight. She thought of Alasdair. She hadn’t seen him since the medical bay, and he still had some healing to do. Would he scold her for leaving without him?