Xperia 6.6

“Moyra leave”, Alasdair huffed. He didn’t sound enthusiastic for the children to be there. It made Arellia wonder if it had been her fault.
“No, I am here to make you see sense”, Moyra spit. Her eyes never left Arellia. The children that were pushing her chair forced their way between Alasdair and Arellia.
“All you spout is nonsense”, Alasdair replied. He frowned at the children that had pushed in the way.
The medical staff marched in and Maaria followed them in. She looked at each face with surprise then cleared her throat at Arellia.
“I am afraid this many in one room is overcrowding, no one likes that, someone will have to leave your majesty”, she looked apologetic. But she had given Arellia the decision.
She looked to Alasdair, then the children in front of her. Not one looked happy. He used to have a good connection with them. He used to care for them. Their relationship had fractured because of her. She closed her eyes and bowed her head.
“Arellia”, Alasdair’s voice lowered. Like he was warning her.
“Forgive me, I will leave you all in peace, I have duties to attend to, excuse me”, she cut herself off from the emotions she had so freely expressed.
“Wait, no”, Alasdair winced as he fought to get up.
“No, you can’t you’re not fully recovered!”, Maaria snapped. She pushed through the visiting crowd. Arellia used that opportunity to slip out. She caught a glimpse of Moyra with a wry smile cracking her face.
Arellia left the medical building. When she returned to the Palace alone with Laura and Jeremy waiting for her, they looked at her confused.
“Did he not make it?”, Laura asked.
“No, he did but there are other things that need to be settled”, Arellia replied.
“I will gather the people”, Laura scuttled off. Within minutes the word had spread and people had piled in to see their Queen.
Arellia’s heart was trying to break out from its cage. She took in a deep breath and stepped up onto the pedestal.