Xperia 6.5

One of the medical scientists finally came out. He was a dark toned man, but even from a distance Arellia could see the stress marks on his face. The darkening rings under his eyes.
“We fixed his brain, so he’s responsive and back to normal, all of his organs are functioning and fine”, he announced. Arellia breathed a sigh her hands coming up to cover her face.
“His recovery is not complete, we need still need to fix his bones”, he said. Bones that’s fine, he was going to live which was the main thing. “I was asked to inform you that you can come and see him we thought his body might need to rest for a minute, but he will be returning to surgery very soon”, he added. To see him? Will he be awake? Arellia silently nodded her head and the man guided her to him.
He was lying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of every vein you could find. He was bruised all over. Arellia winced.
“Hey”, he rasped.
“Hello”, Arellia went around to the side of his bed that had the least amount of machinery. She dared not touch him.
“I think we need to rethink our strategy”, Alasdair smiled.
“Well, yes clearly, let’s not have this happen again”, Arellia half laughed. Tears started falling down her face.
“If I wasn’t broken all over right now I’d stop those tears”, he dropped the laugh, but his smile was there.
“what did you expect? You frightened me”, she replied. There Réunion however, was short lived.
“He shouldn’t expect anything from a typical evil bitch who did this to him”, It was Moyra. She was wheeled in by a couple of the children.