Xperia 6.3

The shadow darted back into the forest. Arellia considered going after it but Alasdair was injured in her arms, and she had promised not to ho out alone.
“I’ve got him”, Jeremy rushed to the pair and snatched Alasdair from her lap. She felt the cold invade her body where Alasdair had been lying. It shivered up her body and made her arms cradle over her chest. She thought about saying something to the shadow. A threat or cruel snide jab. But then it felt like an animal or child that didn’t seem to know any better.
She stood and turned swiftly towards it. Staring it down. Half of her thinking – go, it won’t hurt you. – and the other half of her bound by her promise – Alasdair would not forgive you. – she remained still. What was beyond the forest? What is this shadow? Why does it not hurt her?
With a heavy sigh of questions she stepped backwards into the confines of the city.