Xperia 6.2

“I see it”, Arellia whispered over her shoulder. She kept her back straight and stepped forward beyond the threshold of the shield.
“No wait let me-…”, Alasdair reached out to her. But was charged into by that shadow Arellia had spotted and pinned to the wall. It could pass the shield…
“Alasdair!”, Arellia screamed rushing back to him. She could see that he was gritting his teeth and Jeremy was using his sword to try and cut at it. But the blade dissolved.
“Shit!”, Jeremy ran back inside for another weapon.
“Wait please!”, Arellia screamed at the foot of the shadow. She reached out her hand to grab at it. The thing screamed and dived back. Alasdair was released from the wall his body appeared unharmed except for the front of his clothes. She darted her eyes for a second at the full sight of him but then refocused when he fell to the floor on his knees with a thud. She caught his head before it followed.
The shadow lurked behind her. She turned her neck to look over her shoulder. It was creating more questions than answers.