Xperia 6.1

The doors to the outside opened. Arellia stepped out with Alasdair following close behind. There were no sounds out there except for the breeze rustling through leaves.
She could feel the emptiness settling over her. She called back towards Jeremy.
“What kind of people did we send out here?”, she asked.
“They were supposed to be criminals, but we are running out of them”, Jeremy replied from the door.
“Or people just stopped looking for them”, Arellia thought back to when she had been sent out here. Children were here as well. Something didn’t seem to sit right.
“I was brought out here after my family was murdered, it’s how they hid the crime”, Alasdair announced. Arellia turned to look at him. The horror of that memory haunted his eyes.
“Why not just kill you as well?”, she asked him. It sounded cold of her, but for now she just needed to know details.
“They took more pleasure in the idea of my suffering out here, they didn’t think I would live”, he particially snarled.
“Right, we’ll come back to that when we are home”, she said. He nodded but didn’t say another word.
They walked out a little further until Arellia could touch the trees. She caught a glimpse of moving shadow in the distance.