Xperia 6.0

“So, other than the fact that it doesn’t typically cross the line between the wall and shield we don’t know anything else about it?”, Arellia asked Jeremy inside the barracks office. The boy looked awkwardly at his map then back to her.
“No, we don’t, we tried to catch it but nothing works”, he replied. Arellia felt the heavy sigh linger between them.
“I can approach it, maybe I should be the one to catch it?”, She suggested. A hand clasped her shoulder.
“I don’t like that idea”, Alasdair interjected. She had noticed that he had not been to visit the children in a long while. Had he fallen out with Moyra?
“I agree, you are our queen, you should not be placed in danger”, Jeremy added.
“No one should be placed in danger, but for now needs must”, she argued.
“No one’s needs must, I don’t want you to do this”, Alasdair argued back. Arellia felt taken aback. Normally he stood by her decisions he had been doing it so easily for the last couple of months they had been working together. Now, in front of Jeremy he is stepping out of line.
“Whether you want it or not, this is not your decision to make”, Arellia kept her voice firm, she refused to show that he had shocked her.
“I don’t think this should be just your decision alone”, Alasdair was not letting this go. Arellia glanced up and saw that Jeremy looked awkwardly like he wanted to say something as well.
“You look as if you want to say something”, her voice came out before she could stop it. She already knew what he would say.
“I agree with your guardian, we don’t know what this thing is, we can’t just send out our queen”, Jeremy just added onto Alasdair’s argument making Arellia flare into a reactive fury.
“We cannot remain walled up like prisoners forever, there used to be a threat but now we only have this shadow, should we not be free?”, Arellia’s shout put an end to any fight Jeremy had but Alasdair kept pushing.
“Not at the expense of your life!”, He shouted back. Arellia stood to face him.
“What does it matter how my life is ended!? Either way I will die it is what I was born for! It is why you’re a guardian!”, she snapped back.
“I’m your guardian because I’m the one man who hasn’t done that to you!”, Alasdair roared. The whole room went silent. All Arellia could hear was her heartbeat. Jeremy remained still as a statue.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”, she didn’t shout anymore. Her voice was quiet but clear.
“I-“, Alasdair stopped himself realising that he was still shouting. He lowered his voice and started again. “I entered to be your guardian so that you didn’t have to die, you picked me because deep down you knew, I am telling you that you are not going out there until I know you’ll be safe, and not because you’re queen”.
“Then why?”, Her question was no louder than a whisper.
“Because you’re you”, he sighed like it should have been obvious. The door clicked shut. They hadn’t noticed that Jeremy had left to give them both their privacy.
“What if I want you to?”, her voice wobbled.
“Want me to what?”, he stepped a little closer bridging the gap between them.
“At night I picture what it would be like to feel you”, she could feel the heat in her cheeks, but she also felt the bravery pushing her words out. “To carry a baby that you have gifted me, what it would be like to raise that baby with you, but then-“, her voice paused. He stayed very silent, he just looked down at her, deep into her in fact, like she was the greatest gift he had been given. “Don’t just stare at me”, she shied away. But he caught her in an embrace.
“I promise to give you everything you dream of, but don’t go out there yet, or at least don’t go alone”, He spoke softly into her ear, and she shuddered.