Aerial Edge Circus Convention. The same company who made the Edinburgh aerial convention. Only this time they moved the convention to Glasgow.

Upon choosing the classes I didn’t get all the classes I wanted. Apparently quickness is key in this game. Literally within the first minute hundreds of classes filled up. There was quite a bit of confusion as to why the class sizes were so small. Well we understood when we got into the hall.

They had only booked a small section of the room and within that section they had rigged everything from swinging trapeze, flying trapeze, aerial equipment like Silks, rope, Hoop, straps, and pole, Chinese pole, parkour, and acrobatic areas.

But they were quite compact together. So realistically any bigger than the class sizes they had would have been dangerous.

On the plus side, even though I didn’t get the classes I wanted I still enjoyed myself. And I also learned something from each class. If I can list them I can think of what I personally need to work on.

Trapeze – Get over the fear of falling. I’m not particularly bothered by heights. They don’t stop me from doing anything when I’m up high or anything. I love being high. What I’m frightened of is falling. Now, you all might be thinking well it’s the same thing. No, a good example is me and my mum. We went to the Lake District to walk up a fell. We had the dogs with us, I had planned it out, it was going to be ace. What I didn’t account for was my mum’s irrational fear of heights. I was fine she was not. That’s the difference.

Corde Lisse – Get in the mindset that this is going to hurt. Corde Lisse, for those of you who don’t know, is aerial rope. It hurts like a bitch just to climb it. But I imagine it’d be so much fun (like Silks) to practise.

Hoop – I know a lot of poses. But I don’t really know much with regards to transitioning from one move to the other. So, I know if I was to perform a aerial hoop routine I would look clunky, clumsy, and basic.

Straps – We don’t have straps where I train normally. So, this will always be a beginner equipment level for me sadly until I go somewhere that runs regular classes of it. But this class showed me that I need to strengthen my form like lifting my hips in my inverts.

Handstands – Oh my god. What don’t I need to work on for handstands. My core (abs, glutes) were aching so much after this. I have been working for a whole year on handstands and I’m only a little bit closer. I need to get rid of this mental thing I have with my shoulders and ribs. When I open the shoulders I lift my ribs. But I don’t need to do that my shoulders are flexible enough that I don’t need to do that.

Silks – There is soo much I need to work on. Drops. Wraps. Climbs. Getting over the silks burn they give you. Strength. Flexibility. You name it I have to work on it.

Tumbling – I hate backwards rolls with the bunny ears approach thing that gymnasts do. Everytime I get asked to do that method of backwards rolls I hurt the back of my neck. Always. Last year there was a crunch. But this year, was actually pretty fun. Dynamically I need to build more power. I depend a lot on strength and control but dynamic movements I’m just awful. And it’s only because I don’t practise them enough.

Put these classes together for the weekend and I discover that I need far more training if I want to even get close to the level that these people at the convention are at. Actually, I don’t just need it, I want it. And the frustrating part about it, is for now I can only train what I can when I can for now. Which is literally a couple of hours a week.