Xperia 5.9

The rest of the week went by in a very similar manner. Arellia cleaning up the council mess while at the same time receiving the backlash of it. She had found homeless on her streets, medical facilities shut down, and no money going into anything but the council pockets.
Sunday evening Arellia was at her office desk with her hands clutching a headache she wasn’t sure was coming or going. But it wracked her senses enough to make it hard to focus.
Alasdair opened the door with a loud creak that severed right through her skull. He placed a letter on the table and waited for her to look at it.
“Is it more important than everything else?”, Arellia asked. She dare not bother with it until she knew. Her brain was feeling the information and organisational crumble of her city.
“I think it might be, it was sent from the military sector”, Alasdair spoke softly. Like his voice was about to cause her more pain. Which was fine, right now anything was making her skull squeeze her brain.
“Would you mind reading it? I’m having trouble right now”, the mere thought of something else she needed to complete made her cringe inwardly. She heard him pick up the letter and open it.
“It’s from Jeremy, they started perimeter checks outside the wall, it seems that shadow does not come much closer than the tree line”, Alasdair said.
“That would make sense my mother’s shield is just a little outside the wall”, Arellia said uncaringly. Her head pulsing intensifying.
“Your mother’s shield?”, He asked.
“Something for me to explain another time”, she waved him off. She pressed her finger tips into her forehead.
“Arellia?”, Alasdair said. His voice seemed to tune out. She let out a shout that couldn’t be held in anymore. There were no words she could produce, no thoughts she could refine. The only thing she registered was being picked up from her seat, carried through the corridors and into her room. Everything was too bright.
“It’s too bright in here… I can’t…”, Arellia through her quilt cover over her head and hid in the darkness.