Xperia 5.8

Only a few made it through and no one was happy. Arellia had sat through hours of presentations, she had more amusement listening to Alasdair shuffle on his weight onto another foot while he stood watch. She took comfort in the fact that she was not the only bored member of the party.
“OK”, she started a heavy sigh paused her sentence. It seemed to make the scientists angry or nervous. “Was that everything?”, she asked.
“Er, apologies your highness but… That is only one section if you wanted the others then-…”, The lead scientist was interrupted by a smaller scientist, who had introduced himself as Tony, looking particularly outraged.
“Why are we scrapping our projects? This will only stunt our progress, we could be better than what we are, we could become a city of gods!”, he said smacking his hand against the desk.
“We aren’t Gods, we are human, your projects are scrapped because we should be doing more to protect our world not kill it”, she kept her voice stern while avoiding raising it. “Some of your proposals although brilliant are disastrous to progress, you think on convenience rather than what could improve us”, she paused and when no one spoke she gave an example. “Take your idea for a power source underground, yes absolutely this will conviniently earn you a lot of money and provide energy for everyone however… There are pollution calculations you have ignored which I will not, risks of illnesses that I cannot look the other way, and you have yet to consider the consequence of when this product runs out, I think you can do better, the projects I have given the OK for I think have potential, that is why, show me real progress”, Arellia said. She stood up from her place, and prepared to leave.