Xperia 5.7

In that morning Arellia and Alastair met with the team of scientists that had been protesting their case, and others as well. They had taken the two of them to a room with a large desk and many chairs, the label on the door said boardroom.
“Your highness, I’d like to start by saying that we are grateful that you have taken the time to speak to us”, the lead researcher, who spoke for most of the scientists. He would have only reported to the councilman in charge. Danielle Freemont. A snob of a woman that never gave Arellia an answer to anything.
“I’m not here for false pleasantries, speak plainly and do not lie, are any of your scientists researching anything that will not kill the very planet we walk on, and helping the people?”, she paused watching the awkward glances exchanging around the room. When she did not get an answer straight away she gave them a task. “Since none of you can give me an answer, then here is what I am going to say, the research that all of you scientists better do both of those requirements as of today, if it does neither then scrap it now, I wish to see presentations prepared and ready within the next two hours, go”, she had given up the niceness for now. Jobs had to be completed.
“Presentations!?”, they all started murmuring.
“Yes, now go you’re losing time”, Arellia goes to sit while Alasdair pushes her chair forwards. In a panic the scientists scatter.
The presentations were all interesting yet hard information to take in. She wrote notes for each one, stating the name and what the project was. If helpful and non-damaging.
So far, only a few would make it through.