365 days Challenge

I’ve let myself go… On one hand I’m not as big as a lot of other people. People may look at me and say you aren’t fat. Which is fine, I wouldn’t say I’m huge. But my body is currently at a shape I don’t want it to be at.
I carry the weight mostly in my back, and stomach. It may go to my thighs but only in a way that looks cellulitey which is not pretty.

I’m not all that sure, at what point my body image went to a place I didn’t like. However, I know it stemmed from many nights in with my boyfriend eating takeout food… Takeaways…! The evil to all health.

We got to a point that we were eating them over half the time of the week. This had to stop. Well, it did stop officially last week due to a moment in a dressing room. It means something when you go to a dressing room and you come out hating yourself that little bit more. Just saying. I’m not a shopper, I’m a shopper that literally goes right I need this, get in, buy what I need, get out. But no matter what kind of shopper you are leaving a dressing room hating yourself is unhealthy.

Starting last week, my boyfriend and I started slimming world. I have been vigilant. The nature of my boyfriends job kind of means that he struggles finding time to cook. To help him I have been cooking our meals, and when we are both free we’ve been cooking together. Every meal has been ultimate sin free. We have a two month deadline as his brother is getting married and he is best man. I am determined to help keep us both on the straight and narrow with regards to food.

If I’m honest, it has been amazing. I am finding a variety of meals to make, and it’s working out really well. They are tasty, and it is helping improve my cooking skill, of which before this I probably had zero points, and I have had the chance to listen to podcasts. My particularly favourite podcast is the off the pole podcast run by Sarah Scott. I love it. Every person she has interviewed have been amazingly informative. Cooking has opened up a weird inspirational building habit which I intend to continue.

However, yesterday I saw myself in the mirror… OK food is one thing clearly exercise is my next step! I keep telling myself that I will take the dogs running. I love running with them. And they love it too. I only stopped because of time and I just fell out of habit with it. So after the weekend I will start it again.

Another part to this aim is that I’ll be starting extra exercises to strengthen and enhance my ability of the pole. My progress feels a little stunted as of late. Which I know training myself won’t help me get anywhere fast, but if I can train my muscles with other exercises then it might help my progress along.

My challenge for myself is to do a whole year of exercises everyday. And record my progress. My own 365 days challenge!

My list of things that I will work through.


Off the pole

Foundations of handstands

Live live bend

Husky running