Xperia 5.6

Arellia woke up the next morning with no memory of what had happened the night after Alasdair hugged her. She just recollects the fatigue draining her body. A heaviness that dragged her eyelids shut while soothed in his warm arms.
She sat up from the softness of her bed. Her brows furrowed. He had dressed her? She gasped a sharp stab entered chest as she threw the quilt from herself… No blood? How had he known what to do?
Cora rushed passed the bed from the bathroom making Arellia jump. She smiled wide and courtsied
“Good morning your majesty”, she was about to carry on but Arellia stopped her.
“Er, morning, what happened last night?”, she asked the young girl. Cora’s mouth squeezed together and twisted as she tried to hold something in. Arellia watched as the realisation sunk in that she could hold it and the biggest smile spread across her face.
” NOTHING”, she giggled out and ran from the room.
Clearly, Cora had helped him but he didn’t want her to say so. Arellia felt a small smile quirk the corners of her lips. A word escaped her that she didn’t think she would say about anyone other than children.