Xperia 5.5

She lay in her bath a long while. The warmth relaxed her muscles, it was the only reason she had not curled up into a ball yet. She thought about sleeping, and how she was going to do it. Other things should have preoccupied her, but she just couldn’t bring herself to face them this evening.
With a sigh, she stood up and climbed out of her tub. She unplugged to drain it, then went about drying herself. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror.
Her body was slender, though she noticed her hip bones had started to show. She had eaten less and less with all the meetings when she thought about it, had the two of them eaten today? Yes, in the morning. But they had spent all day in that office.
A light knock came from the door. Arellia remained quiet, she was naked in front of the mirror. An awkward silence drifted between her and the door. The door clicked open slowly, and she just watched it open. Alasdair poked his head through. He looked to the bathtub. Then his eyes lifted to her and widened. Their eyes locked and a feather light exchange passed between them.
“We need to eat more”, she whispered. Her eyes broke away from him to hate herself in the mirror. Her arms lifted to hide her body.
Alasdair stepped into the bathroom and touched her arms.
“We can do that”, he brushed his lips lightly over her ear as he breathed her in.
“But there’s always so much to do”, she sighed. Her body pushed back against him. The warmth of him eased into her through her back and the thought of him kissing down her back made her skin tingle with anticipation.
His hands ran down her arms until he found her hands. Their fingers interlocked. He kissed her shoulder, then looked at her through the mirror.
“There’s always time to eat… Are you bleeding!?”, he pulled back from her but held onto her shoulders. His eyes plastered to the red stream lining her legs.
“It’s normal”, she sighed “I’ll be like this for the next week”. He glanced at her through the mirror then looked back at the blood. “Stop staring, it’s just what happens”, she flinched away from him and picked up her towel.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare, I just haven’t seen this before”, he ran a hand through his hair.
“Well because you’ve only been around children, this doesn’t happen to them”, she snapped. She felt her embarrassment floor her.
“Wait, don’t get annoyed”, he reached to her to stop her from leaving the bathroom.
“I just want to get into bed”, she whined. He pulled her to him and held her in an embrace.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, just usually when I see blood it has been from an injury or death, all of this is new for me”, he said. He kissed her shoulder again and they stood in the embrace.