Xperia 5.4

“I’ve never seen a guardian fail before”, Laura quirked a single eyebrow further up her forehead.
“He hasn’t failed anything, he’s just been kind to me, if you’re here to scold because of a long old duty speak now, if not then just leave”, Arellia lifted the hem of her gown away from her legs and floor. It was beautiful, but somehow she believed she probably hadn’t saved it.
“I apparently have to scold you”, Laura replied her tone made Arellia feel like a five year old. She couldn’t bring herself to fight back, instead she waited for the onslaught of her failures. Stripping the awkward dress off over her head and sliding into her bath. A long exhausted sigh left her lips. “What are you thinking?”.
“Is that rhetorical?”, Arellia just wanted to relax.
“You arrested your council… You cannot run this city by yourself it is impossible, and your duty as our Queen to bear us an heir for the next line you have not fulfilled, the people will grow restless”, Laura did not raise her voice, but it was stern enough for Arellia to know that she had been growing frustrated.
“I shouldn’t have to explain anything to anyone”, was all she wanted to say.
“Of course you do! You are the queen, every decision you make effects us”, Laura snapped.
“Fine Laura, here is my explanation, I arrested my council due to the fact that they were making decisions without my approval, I removed Charles because he assisted in the attempted removal of my guardian, and Alasdair chose, by himself, not to force himself upon me”, Arellia spoke quick to hide the quiver in her voice. “Clearly however, I warrant an execution in my own fashion because I have not surrounded myself by people who would much rather sell their own people out for money!”, Arellia grew louder as her frustration peaked. “Did you want more!? Or can I relax now?”, her sigh at the end brought her to an emptiness that she knew she was just going to sit in while her bath grew cold.
“I didn’t know about the council, I knew about Charles, and… I don’t want to say this but I will, the cycle cannot be broken”, Laura had lost her sterness. But Arellia could not bring herself to look at her.
“What if it can? There was no other danger out there besides that shadow, do you even know what we are hiding from?”, Arellia asked all fury gone. She was just numb.
“I-…”, Laura paused before she could say more. Instead she bowed her head and turned to leave. “I am sorry for making you feel less than worthy, but you’ll need to communicate with your people or just like myself they’ll misunderstand”, she said over her shoulder before leaving Arellia in peace.