Xperia 5.3

“I see the bond is growing? That’s interesting”, Laura commented. Arellia furrowed her brow at the older woman, fighting the embarrassment that was trying to colour her cheeks.
“What are you doing here?”, she asked her.
“I’m sorry but the scientists have sent me, they have demanded you be specifically checked for your pregnancy, and have demanded their machine to be reinstalled onto the farmlands”, Laura spoke calmly. But Arellia felt as though she had been slapped hard. Her jaw dropped and a flurry of rage took control.
“They can wait until tomorrow! And they do not get to decide what should be happening! How dare they!?”, Arellia panted. She could hear her own voice raised and flinched. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. Instead, she looked to Laura who took her words. “I must ask you to leave, please”.
Laura’s eyes widened. Then she glanced to Alasdair. When nothing else was said the older woman turned around to leave.
“I’m sorry Arellia”, Laura called over her shoulder as she shuffled away.
Arellia slammed her bedroom door open. She passed straight through into her own bathroom and locked the door behind her. She ran her bath, which started filling the large room with steam. She sat on the edge of the large tub to undo her shoes.
Her eyes glazed over the room. All white tiles, with a white sink, and a white toilet. The bathtub, sat on the corner with the large windows looking out at the city, was large enough that she could potentially swim in it. It wasn’t necessary for her bath to be that big but it was a comfort she had not let go of.
A knock on the door tried to catch her attention. But she would not answer. She was not ready to be reminded that the people she was devoting her life to wanted her dead.
Instead her dress trailed behind her as she walked to the sink and stared at herself in the mirror.
Using her fingers she pulled her hair up and out of her face. Then she started removing the make-up from her eyes and lips. It was then she noticed how tired she looked. The blue shadows under her eyes from the extra work.
Another knock on the door.
“You may leave Alasdair”, she sighed. They were having another moment. She could remember the way it had made her shudder in delight. It had been interrupted again…
The door lock snapped open and Arellia gasped jumping away from the sink. Alasdair opened the door, but it was only to hold it open for Laura to enter. “Is anyone listening to me? I told you both to leave”.
“I was listening to you, until he came to fetch me, come now get into your bath before you make a mess”, Laura nodded for Alasdair to shut the door. Arellia looked down at her feet. Small speckles of blood had sprinkled the floor.
“Shit”, she cursed.