Xperia 5.2

The doors slammed shut behind them as they made their way to Arellia’s room. The sun was setting already. It had been a day stuck in an office sifting through papers with language she didn’t truly understand. Her head ached, and all she wanted at this moment was a bath.
“You can go rest if you want, we are both done for today”, She yawned.
“Was it OK to ignore those scientists?”, Alasdair asked. It wasn’t the first time he had questioned something she had done. But it was understandable.
“I wouldn’t say ignore, I’d say temporarily pushed back until we visit them tomorrow”, She replied with a shrug. Alasdair chuckled in a low tone behind her as another yawn exhaled from her. “Trying to catch flies in there?”, he laughed. Arellia slapped her hand to her mouth and felt the blood rush to her cheeks.
“I’ll have you know that I could have you executed for such cheek”, she playfully stuck out her tongue over her shoulder.
They had just made it to her bedroom doors. Her hand wrapped around the handle, just as his heat radiated into her back through her clothes. His arms boxed her in with his hands pressed against the walls on either side of her.
She didn’t turn around to face him. She could have just pushed the door open and they would simply fall apart from each other. But she waited, enjoying the feeling at her back. Their breathing grew heavy. All other sounds muted around them.
She felt him shift so that his mouth was but a breath away from her ear. The feeling of his warm air flowing with a slight quiver from his nose sent shivers tingling down her spine. Her head seemed to tilt her ear towards him automatically.
“You’d miss me too much”, he breathed out. His whisper tickled every fiber of her flesh that she allowed herself to shudder against his body. His lips dropped down and lightly pressed against the base of her neck. She hissed in some air as the new sensation stiffened her body.
Someone cleared their throat beside them. The two of them jumped apart. Laura had an amused smile on her face.