Home remedies – Dog wounds.

Home remedies – dog wounds.

I have two lives right now and both are proving hard to keep up with. One is comfortable, trying to think how to best improve herself, and the other is not so comfortable just trying to make it through the day… Why? Because I’m living in two places. The first place is the house I grew up in, and is currently the house I can’t get my beautiful poochies out of right now. There are many reasons why, but there’s just no time for that today. The second house is my boyfriend’s mother’s house which I have been gradually sleeping in more and more. This is not totally relevant to this post, I know, however! It is the reason posts have been few and far between. Busy is an understatement and shit is putting this year mildly.
So, last time I posted about my babies I said that wounds were going to be my next port of call on little home remedies. Now, there are many ways to deal with a small wound on a pooch. Especially, if you know that it doesn’t necessarily need to be seen by a vet, who will break your bank before you step through the door.

Clean, clean, clean.

Any cut even on people you want to keep clean. If it’s on a paw easy solution. Freshly boiled water (Cooled to a warm – you can hold your own hand in it) in a bucket, add salt.

WARNING: Your pooch is not going to thank you for this. Mine just tried to get away. If you have a braver canine, that doesn’t like something and you’re not sure you can guarantee they won’t bite you in the cleaning process maybe take precautions.

Hold the paw or leg submerged in the water for maybe five minutes? Then dry with a freshly clean towel or kitchen towel.

Wrap it up! I know with some cuts it’s better to let the air get at them, but unless you can keep your eye on your furbaby all day for every second of the day then just wrap it up. The dog sadly won’t understand that you have just put the effort in to help them, and will destroy the work by trying to help themselves to a good old lick… And if you aren’t watching they’ll keep doing it. The wound won’t ever heal. Then you’ll start to notice a bald spot. Which you don’t want.

You can use this simple process on cuts on the body by using a clean disposable kitchen towel (example – bounty or plenty which ever brand you use). Make sure hands are clean! Dip the kitchen towel into the salt water and lightly dab the wound. And repeat the process of dry and wrap it.

Of course if it is a body part the dog cannot reach (which isn’t a lot of space to not work with) then fine you can leave it. The only issue is… Dogs can reach a good large majority of themselves, every leg, butt, tail, elbows, chest… Yes I have seen Luna licking her chest like a cat. The only places I haven’t seen my own dogs reach is neck and upper back mainly between the shoulder blades.

Please! If the wound is not healing and it has been over a week, or if the wound is in your eyes huge! Or even if something just doesn’t feel right to you. Then yes go take your beloved furbaby to the vet this is just advice from my own experience if money is tight. I am not trained, or specialised. My furbabies just teach me what appears to work for them.

Next week – a healthy concoction.