Xperia 5.1

It was dismantled that evening. Arellia had ordered for some of the engineers to come and remove it without damaging the area in which it sat. Thankfully it had only been there for a couple of weeks, and the people had been protesting around it. So, Jerome had never got to use it.
“They were lucky he didn’t just turn it on with them there”, Alasdair pointed out while they both left the farming district.
“Yes well, he would have killed them, and he would have either been caught, or he would have had no more people left in his city section, both are risks I’m not sure he was willing to take just yet”, Arellia replied over her shoulder as they walked.
Just before they reached the Palace a gang of men in lab coats blocked their way. They did not look impressed. When they caught a glimpse of Arellia they all charged towards her speaking or worse shouting over the top of each other. It wasn’t until Alasdair stepped forward and shook his head at them. When they didn’t stop and kept shouting Alasdair tilted towards her so she could hear.
“Do you always make people angry? Or is it just today?”, he sniggered. Arellia rolled her eyes at him and smiled a small flush entered her cheeks.
“Do I make you angry?”, she bit her smiling lip and fiddled with her fingers behind her back. His smile didn’t falter, instead it widened ear to ear.
“No, your highness you don’t make me angry”, his voice sounded lighthearted but she picked up the serious hint hidden behind it. When the scientists finally reached her she regretfully pushed the slight giddy beat of her heart back and put on her royal face.
“That machine was going to make us rich!”.
“We poured hours and hours of our lives into that!”.
“You are slowing scientific progress!”.
There was roughly five of them. All screaming at once and neither of them had addressed her with any respect. Rather than answer them she sighed and stepped right into the group and through them. Alasdair followed close behind and didn’t question her decision.