Xperia 5.0

“He was sent three petitions all signed against that machine”, Arellia said. It was more to herself to help her keep thinking through the mess that was the office. Thanks to Alasdair there wasn’t a single paper left on the floor. She could see the dark wooden floor that they should have walked on.
“Really? What did he ignore it for?”, Alasdair asked, he was combing through the files behind the main desk.
“Money, this would have been a good source of business, but…”, Arellia paused while reading some of the scientific papers on the specs and blueprints.
“But?”, Alasdair paused what we was doing to listen to her.
“I don’t understand all of it, the science labs who have designed it have used technical terms, I’d have to see the scientists who made it but from what I can understand it risks damaging the life around it, scarring the land, poisoning the water, noisy… “, Arellia said squinting at the papers.
“I suppose that would explain why the people were angry, what do you want to do?”, He came round behind her. She could feel the heat of his body at her back through the chair. He had one arm leaning down to the table. His face was right next to hers.
“I will have it removed, deconstructed, and would like to talk to the scientists tomorrow”, Arellia replied, resisting every urge to lean into him.