Xperia 4.9

That moment never seems to arrive. When Arellia arrested her council the different districts all had something to say. In the end she had to arm herself with notebooks and pens. Meeting that would take hours with each person. The main bulk of her visits resided from the residential district. And yet none came from the military.
She arranged visits throughout the second week. Alasdair close to her heels the entire time making sure all complaints kept their distance. It was unnerving at how distressed some of them were.
Her first visit was the farmlands. They had made a complaint about a system she had never heard before. It was a beautiful section of the city. Fields, trees, plants, animals. Then in the background Arellia could make out machines, designed to pierce deep into the ground.
“Your majesty! You came!”, the main farming leader shouted. Arellia smiled and noticed all the other farming civilians gathering around him.
“Yes, and I believe that is the machine?”, she tilted her head towards it.
“Yes, it’s poisoning the water! Our animals can’t live here like this”, he sounded distressed enough. But she needed more information.
“I will deal with this if it is truly an issue, please go back to your work I would like to see council Jerome’s office please”, she said.
“But we have told you it is cruel to us what more evidence do you need!?”, the people started protesting. Their fury carrying them to swarm around Arellia. Her eyes glanced to each angry face. A larger frame stepped between her and the growing mob.
“Step back, let your queen through”, Alasdair threatened.
“You won’t hurt us”, the farmland argued, “You can threaten us but we won’t be silenced”.
“She does not want you to be silent, she’s asked you to be patient now step aside”, Alistair bit out.
The farmers glared up at him and then to her. She remained perfectly still it gave her a moment to wonder would she have been able to say that herself. They did part in the end, but they watched them both with cold eyes.
They entered the council office to documents strewn about the place. They stood in the doorway for a moment just staring at it.
“Where would you even start?”, Alasdair asked. She wasn’t sure how to answer that, or if he was even looking for an answer. But she didn’t know either.
“How did this get so bad, and I not notice?”, she murmured. For Jerome to disregard the papers into a flurry that looked like a tornado ripped through it. Draws open or wedged shut with papers sticking out of it. The desk so full it’s a miracle it could be seen.
” This is going to take all day… Shall I lock the door?”, Alasdair nodded back towards the crowd of people waiting behind them.
“Er, yes then we need to organise this mess, you start on the papers on the floor I’ll work on the ones on the desk, there must be a system we can work with”, she replied hopping towards a space among the chaos.
Alasdair turned, locked the door then set about to work.