Xperia 4.8

They walked towards her room. She sat him down on the edge of her bed while she gathered a cloth and some cool water.
“It’ll be cool but should take the redness down, and maybe the sting if there’s any left”, Arellia told him. He watched her every move. From her hands dipping the cloth into the water. To them lightly holding the wet material to his face. When his eyes darted up to her face. Their eyes locked and she didn’t know where to look. “I’d -…”, her voice caught and she cleared it awkwardly. “I’d like to ask your opinion”.
“OK, I don’t think I’d be much use”, he replied comfortable. Like being this close didn’t even bother him. She felt a little jilted by that thought. However, she pushed it back and focused on what she was going to say instead. She finally stilled her panicking eyes on her hand, forcing them to concentrate on what she was doing. But she could feel his eyes staring into her.
“Well, I’ve just fired the council, and they run the different sections of the city, what is the state of the city right now? Are people happy?”, she asked him.
“I don’t know, why would you ask me?”, he replied. She bit her lip and went to reapply more cold water.
“You’ve been out there, today and before I chose you as guardian, I thought maybe you’d have an honest answer for me”, she touched his cheek with the cloth and his hand came up to overlap her fingers. Alasdair tilted his head to meet her eyes. Which she couldn’t avoid unless she was outright rude.
“Wouldn’t you prefer to see it yourself? I can accompany you, I would take a bet that you would care for your people more than they did”, he said. Arellia felt her heart beat rise. It was a miracle she had caught what he said. “Your highness?”, he spoke again. She heard his voice and felt heat boiling inside her.
“Don’t call me that”, she heard herself whisper. His eyes appeared to darken with an intense emotion Arellia had never felt before. It pulled her into him. His arms came around her waist and her hands dropped to his shoulders.
“Arellia”, it was the greatest thing she had ever heard. His voice vibrated through his chest deep and soothing like caramel sliding down the tongue. She closed her eyes, slid her hands over his shoulders to his back. Their lips so close they could feel each others breaths on their faces. Just another inch and-
“Your majesty!”, Cora burst into the room causing the two of them to snap out of the moment like an elastic band.
“Yes?”, Arellia cleared her throat. Then she smiled at the young girl.
“Oh… Whoops… I didn’t mean to disturb you”, Cora glanced between Arellia and Alasdair. The child’s cheeks flushed and she turned to leave.
“No Cora! Wait, what was it you wanted to say?”, Arellia considered pulling out of Alasdair’s arms but he was warm and he had started twirling a finger on her back which felt good enough to melt into.
“You have a meeting with the farmhand, he wants to meet with you instead of the council”, the little girl bowed, “I’ll tell him to wait in the council hall”. She sprinted off closing the doors behind her.
Arellia bit her lip and looked down to Alasdair who looked amused. They almost had a moment. She wanted to have another but her duty was calling.
“We should come back to this”, she blushed. Arellia pulled lightly from his arms, fixed her dress, and made her way to the door. She glanced over her shoulder, “Are you coming?”.
Alasdair smiled, he casually stood and followed the Queen to the council hall. Just as they got to the door he pressed his hand to the door to stop her and whispered in her ear “Yes, we definitely should, soon”.