Poetry 2.6


Install young minds the system is waiting
In chairs that line them in alphabetical order
To tables for notebooks and pens,
Must be prepared –
Take note of this, remember this, information forgotten over time.
Keep quiet no one shall speak – this is how it’s done and will remain.
Tests next week remember this -… Store information long enough then never need it again.
Score a number, hope it goes through.
Children hate school.
Advance on in teenage years suddenly college is calling the shots.
Subjects narrowed to three – tests throughout the year.
Homework – from every class every week means no time to sleep.
This is going to be hard they warn.
Memorise all this information for a booklet
A booklet to fill in before an hour runs out.
Life in college shrunk down to one hour.
What did you learn? Where did it get you?
University was their reply –
Another system that specifies to narrow down a profession – in order to win you have to do things this way any other way is wrong.
Creative innovation lost on the right path.
Difference in opinion broken down.
Children installed machines produced.
What did you learn? How will you make a difference to this company? Will you change the world? In the same way others have already done before you?