Xperia 4.7

“Shit!”, she cursed wiping under her eyes. She turned away from Alasdair. “I’m sorry”, she sighed, “I should not have struck you”.
“No, but I’m OK, can I explain myself? I don’t expect you to not be angry with me but hear me out please”, his voice was soft. He didn’t lash out at her. Which was more than she deserved, she thought.
“Yes, of course”, she still didn’t turn around. She just forced back her frustrated tears.
“You scolded me for being too much, I wasn’t sure what to do, there was no one in the Palace apart from you to talk to about this so I went to find someone I could. It took me a while but I found Laura”, he said. He spoke her name like it might spark a reaction from her. It did but only of a slight understanding, but she still wanted him to continue. “She told me stories of the different guardians, which I have vague memories of, like I was there, then I asked for her advice, she knows you better than anyone”. Now, she just felt worse for striking him. “But she took so long, and then Jeremy arrived to tell me what was happening, I realised I had been away too long and I’m sorry”.
Arellia heaved a sigh and she felt her shoulders slump. When she finally turned to look at him she could see the redness on his cheek from where she had slapped him.
“No, I’m sorry, come, let me do something about that”, she held out her hand to him. He took it sheepishly a different flush colouring his cheeks.