Xperia 4.6

“See, this is why she should not be allowed to make impact decisions on our homes”, the general throws out. Arellia clenched her teeth and sepressed her bodies attempt to shudder. She was not frightened of him but he was making a questionable impact of his own.
“Why? Because I don’t need a guardian to fight my battles? I didn’t see the need for him to be here, but if you so insist on his presence then so be it”, her heart started to beat higher and higher up her throat. He had not been around all day. Her inner will wishing that Jeremy Bow would walk in with Alasdair in tow right at that moment was an enormous gamble. The council started to look between each other then back to her like she was insane. The general’s lips quirked up at the edges… His smugness was already showing.
Damn it, she cursed herself. She fought the sudden urge to bite her lip, and clench her fingers together. She refused to show her weakness even though as the seconds ticked by, her losing this argument was becoming more evident. Just as five seconds rolled awkwardly by, and she watched as each face staring at her saw the advantage in their favour, Alasdair walked through the doors.
“Forgive my lateness, an errand kept me longer than I had intended”, he bowed his head. For a moment Arellia released the biggest breath she had not known she was holding. His face was like a light that had finally been switched on. But then she remembered that he had disappeared all day… And felt her anger bubble. She knew she couldn’t lash out at him now so instead she directed her anger at the council.
“No need to apologise, you’re right on time, council just know that you’ll find it very comfortable in your new homes watching more efficient people take your places, that’ll be all”, she dismissed them. They opened their mouths to protest, but Alasdair cleared his throat purposely loud, and drew his weapon on them.
“Move it”, he hissed. They all jumped and were met with royal guards to escorts them. As the last member was escorted out Jeremy appeared through the doorway. He looked somber but nodded to Arellia who silently mouthed her thanks.
Alasdair warily stepped up to her. Like she was a wild animal about to lash out. He was right, just as swiftly as she could spin on her heels her hand whipped out and clapped hard against his cheek.
“I said space, not for you to completely disappear! Do you have any idea what could have happened if Jeremy had not found you!”, she snapped. Her jaw wobbled, and tears burned up her throat.