Xperia 4.5

Arellia entered the hall. It was empty. She suddenly felt very foolish having listened to the son of her newly made enemy. Instead of storming out of the room with her embarrassment. She faced it by walking further into the hall with her head high. She was alone, there was no need to feel stupid but she did. Maybe it was because that boy now new that she was naive enough to listen. She passed the long table that stood in the centre of the hall. It took her mind away from her inner shame.
The hall was intricately decorated with depictions of the many myths and rumours about how they came to be sealed behind a wall. How their armies had fought against monsters that lurked inside the woods beyond. The table stood alone. No chairs to accompany it. Somehow she related to it right now. It had chips and scratches from mindless council members whom appreciated nothing but their own pockets. She reached the large windows at the end of the room that looked out on to the city. Or a section of it anyway.
She thought about the council members. They had been assigned their jobs without her say in it until conflicted argument broke out then she could declare who would be on the council. Why was that? She was Queen. Yet she had such little say on what happened to her people, or what they did to them. Arellia considered the process she could take to change that when she heard the doors behind her swing open.
The low murmur of chatting lead her to assume the council had arrived. So, he hadn’t been lying after all. She turned slowly. She purposely made it dramatic just to make the council know they were busted. And it wasn’t by accident.
“Gentlemen, thank you for being traitorous, now I shall declare you all dismissed from your rolls as council”, she spoke loud enough for the whole room to hear. She just hoped she sounded confident. Each and every council face paled to the same colour as the marbel flooring. The general tried to slink away but she zeroed in on him like a wolf in the hunt. “You, general will be arrested”.
“I don’t see your guardian little princess”, he laughed at her. Something in his mind changed. She could tell in the way his expression twisted. He advanced on her instead of retreating.
Arellia’s face heated. What could she say back? He wasn’t here… She had said she wanted space while she did some personal things like go the bathroom… But not for him to completely disappear all day. Now he was supposed to be on duty and he wasn’t here. Had she made a mistake? Choosing him? Not that she couldn’t protect herself. But right now her decisions could be put under question rather than followed.