Xperia 4.4

“Your highness, my name is -“, the general’s son started.
“I know who you are, Jeremy Bow, General Bow’s son, the same general that attacked my staff and tried to force themselves upon me”, her words felt like a blade spitting from her mouth and cutting into the boy. He flushed deeper and deeper with each blow.
“Yes, of course”, he cleared his throat. “I wanted to make up for the last mistake”.
“How?”, she snapped.
“Warning you, my father has arranged a council meeting in the hall, you were to be distracted with your other duties”, he said.
“And why would you betray your father?”, she asked, her suspicion thick in her voice.
“Because, I am glad you didn’t select me as guardian”, he said. He sounded sincere but she still couldn’t shake the uncertainty.
“That’s not really a reason to betray family, but you can go find my guardian while I confirm if you’re lying”, she replied. It came out quite matter of factly, but he took it with a smile and bowed to leave. As he walked away she thought about Alasdair. Did he look like that when he walked?