Xperia 4.3

In the last week Alasdair has followed Arellia like a dog on heel. She knew there was going to be a guard detail but somehow the lack of privacy just made her pull away from him. She was on her way to the bathroom when she felt him close to her back. She whirled on him.
“Alasdair, please, a little space”, she snapped. She cringed at herself for sounding so whiny. Which only made him grunt a little with a smile.
“OK I’m sorry I’m not quite sure how this works”, he pointed his finger and switched it between the two of them.
“Following me is fine, but I’m going to the bathroom, you don’t need to follow me in there”, she forced her tone to soften. Scolding him for trying to do his job well seemed irresponsible. Until he said this.
“Let me check it to make sure it’s safe”, he looked utterly serious. Arellia felt her fuse snap.
“No!”, she swung the bathroom door open, stepped inside, then slammed it hard in his face. She even locked it for good measure.
After she was done, and she opened the door. Alasdair was nowhere to be seen. Glanced down the hall on either side of her. Had she gone too far? Was this not what she had asked for?
She nibbled on her lip. Entwined her fingers together. And carried on with her daily duties.
Arellia finished five tasks and still Alasdair was nowhere. He didn’t appear to her once. She nervously thought she had turned him to the other extreme of never being around…
“Cora, have you seen Alasdair?”, she asked the young maid who was running wild trying to get her jobs finished.
“No your highness, I’m sorry would you like me to look for you?”, she did a small curtsy and waited for the order. Arellia noticed the slight glaze of sweat building up on her forehead and the heavy pant that escaped every other breath.
“No, I’m sorry to have disturbed you”, she replied, feeling guilty for even considering adding to that load. Instead, she went on the search herself. He couldn’t possibly know the ins and outs of the castle already, there were only so many places he could be. The mental checklist in her head scratching off each option until there were none left. Had he left the building?
“Alasdair?” she called out. Ignoring the odd look the maids gave her. No response. A marching step sounded towards her from around a corner. It sounded heavy and just a little metallic. Her heart leapt that she might have finally found him when she ran straight into the General’s son.