Xperia 4.2

The lock on the door slipped home with a click. Inside the room was awkwardly silent. Though Arellia could only hear the drumming of her heart. Her mind went through all the reasons this would be OK for her. She’d have a beautiful baby. He at least knows how to look after children. He’d probably just want to get it over and done with. Damn it, she cursed she didn’t change into the slip. She swallowed down the large bile build up clogging her throat. She was sure she had made that frightened gulp noise. But couldn’t be sure over her beating heart and somewhere wasn’t sure if she cared. She was about to break eye contact when Alasdair broke her resolve.
“Don’t think about it too hard, I have no intention of forcing you”, his voice was a touch deeper than she remembered. It was soothing to hear.
“But- I was told-“, she began to explain the process of his duty. What she had been taught over the years. He just shrugged.
“I don’t care what people have told you, I can’t tell if it’s my own heart that’s beating that hard, or yours but I’d say at least one of us isn’t ready, I can control my own body for now, just get some rest it has been a long day”, he nodded towards the window. The sun setting orange and red in the sky. It was beautiful. Arellia heard him shuffle on his feet, she glanced at him to see he had turned his back to her. “I won’t look if you want to change, I’ll stand guard”.
A deep sigh of relief left her body. Her heart slowed to steady. It was like he had taken some of the weight she was carrying off her.
“Thank you”, she said to his back.
It was when she changed for bed and pulled the sheet over her body that she noticed his shoulders looked a little bigger.