Xperia 4.1

She couldn’t quite pin point it, but there was something. Hidden behind the colour of his eyes. An old history that wasn’t there before. No one had ever told her what to expect other than he would change. What kind of change? That was the question no one delved into.
And there was. She could see it… But not see it. Like a fleeting dream she knew she had but details slipped away with the seconds that ticked by. A muscle twitched in his jaw.
“Is everything OK?”, she asked. He didn’t respond. His eyes kept flicking between hers. “Alasdair?”, she tried again. He didn’t respond. Her heart sank, was this part of the process? She touched his arm, it was solid all the muscles in his body clenched. “You need to relax”, she started rubbing over his muscles but his body still remained like a statue.
“Your majesty”, Laura’s voice travelled through the room from the door. Arellia felt relief wash over her, as the elderly lady shuffled up to her. “His process in the ceremony is not over, he needs time to adjust physically”.
“Can I help him with this process?”, she looked back to Alasdair whose eyes followed her every movement.
“No, but you must prepare for the next step”, Laura said. Arellia felt the older woman’s arm wrap over her shoulders. “He will be wild, I’ve been told sometimes they are rough but this is normal”. She spoke while she guided her to her bedroom.
“I- I don’t know if I’m ready”, Arellia said. She bit her lip and clenched her fingers in a bind in front of her.
“Yes you are, you’ve always been ready”, Laura touched her cheek. Then left her alone in her room.
Arellia paced back and forth for what felt like a long time. She was still dressed in her ceremonial gown. Her slip was lying on her bed, waiting for her to change and present herself to him like a sex buffet. She stared at it while she paced, her heart drumming in her throat. She had always known this was going to happen. This is what the council was waiting for. But she still felt so unprepared.
A knock on her door made her jump. Cora poked her head in, then bowed as Alasdair stepped around her. The small girl slipped back through the door without a word.
The two of them stood as still as statues staring at each other.